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We proudly claim that we are the first and perhals only institute who has developed DVDs in VAASTU as a learning tool doe those who are unable to attend our classroom training. it is a great tool for those also who want to access their exisisting property or want to buy a new property. we have tried our level best to provide every small detail which a person can think. every aspect is covered with examples and graphic presentation ( for easy learning). we assure you by learning this vaastu science you can improve your career, Health and relationship sector.

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This is a pack of DVDS and each DVD is approximately on hour. The cost of 10 DVDS Pack on Vaastu is Rs 4000 + 18% GST = Rs 4720/-


Every concept of vaastu id explained with logic and science. As per our viewers feed back, you will love to learn from these DVDS

  • Disc – 1: Extension of plot, reduction of plot
  • Disc – 2: Reduction of plot, T-Points
  • Disc – 3: Digging & Filling, Main Gate
  • Disc – 4: Burning, Stair Case
  • Disc – 5: Staircase, Toilets
  • Disc – 6: Septik Tank, Kitchen
  • Disc – 7: Over Head Tank, Puja Ghar
  • Disc – 8: Puja Ghar, Master Bed Room
  • Disc – 9: Kids Room
  • Disc – 10: Commercial Vaastu
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