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Vastu Foundation Course

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This course is for the students who want a shower of knowledge about Vastu Science and understand the basic principles only. This is the first step of the ladder to become a Professional Vastu Expert. The students who are certified in this course can further pursue the advance and professional levels.
In this course, you will learn:-
  1. What is Vastu Environment & Vastu
  2. Importance of Five Elements
  3. Role of Major & Sub Directions
  4. Balance of 5 Elements & 8/16 Directions
  5. Connection of 9 Planets & Directions
  6. Characteristics of Directions
  7. Gender associated with each direction
  8. Connection of Body Parts & Directions
  9. Energy flow Science
  10. Sequence order of Directions
  11. Role of Compass in Vastu ( V.Imp)
  12. Lord of Each Direction
  13. Pure and Impure Directions
  14.  Role of Vastupursh
  15.  Relationship Zone in Vastu
  16.  Career Zone in Vastu
  17.  Health Zone in Vastu
  18. Myths in Vastu
  19.  Question & Answers Session

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