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Webinar on Numerology and Vastu | 29 July 2022

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What you will learn (Numerology):

✅ Drawing Your Birth Chart (Loshu Grid) from your Date of Birth 
✅ Making Birth chart in 5 mins
✅ How to use the numbers to find your strengths and weaknesses
And Much More!

What you will learn (Vastu):

✅ Elements & Directions - Relationship between 5 elements & 8 directions.
✅ Workings of Vastu
✅ Myths about Vastu Debunked
✅ New unique learning in Vastu which you may have never heard in your life.

What and Why - Numerology
Determine your overall personality, luck factor, thought processes, and more with the science of numbers. Here are a few ways in which Numerology can help you in life:
  • Discover the right career path, job or business for you.
  • What subjects the child should select in studies to choose the right career path?
  • Selection of perfect first alphabet for the person’s name, company’s name and product name.
  • Matchmaking for marriage or business partnership. 
  • Planning about your life for the future

What and Why - Vastu Shastra
Also described as the spiritual science of architecture, learn to harmonize with nature within your living or working spaces. Strike the perfect balance between the 5 Elements and 8 Directions to create the perfect harmony of spiritual positivity around you.
  • Helps understand & improve the health issues in family.
  • Design the perfect layout for personal and professional success
  • Find the perfect match for selecting the right plots, apartments, and more

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