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1. Next webinar: How to attract money & career through numerology on 25th September at 09:06 pm. 2. Congratulations, We have opened the support forum on 15th June 2020 for our esteemed students. It's live now 24×7. Please join and exchange your knowledge now. 3. Good news : on popular demand we have launched our online Vastu foundation course & online Vastu professional success course on 24th July 2020. Right now it's available for our esteemed existing students only, for public it will be available soon. 4. Due to COVID-19 we may not conduct our physical seminars/training programs on Numerology & Vastu across India or globally till December 2020 but surely you can enroll our online modules.

FAQ #1. How Numerology and Vastu can help me?

Numerology & Vastu is purely science which can help you in every sphere of life particularly in your Career, Health & Relationships.

FAQ #2. Will you solve all my problems?

This is a strong myth that an Astrologer/Numerologist/Vastu expert or any occult can solve your problems. I can give you awakening and help you to transform your life by scientific logics of numerology and vastu which ultimately helps you to navigate your life in the most proficient manner.

FAQ #3. How much do I have to spend on Remedies?

I suggest non-expensive or very less expensive remedies which are equally or more effective and fast than the expensive remedies suggested by most occults.

FAQ #4. In how much time will I see the result after your consultation?

It varies, depending upon your DOB and on Premises in case of Vastu but I will definitely give you a time frame.

FAQ #5. How much time will I get if I consult you?

For DOB, it’s 30 Minutes to 45 Minutes, when you can ask as many questions as you want. In Vastu, on site 1 Hour to 2 Hours. However, it is not a matter of time; we promise you will get the best experience and satisfaction which will be the best value for your money.