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1. Next webinar: How to attract money & career through numerology on 16th July at 09:06 pm. 2. Congratulations, We have opened the support forum on 15th June 2020 for our esteemed students. It's live now 24×7. Please join and exchange your knowledge now. 3. Very shortly launching online Vastu foundation course ( Most probably by 15th July ). 4. Due to COVID-19 we may not conduct our physical seminars/training programs on Numerology & Vastu across India or globally till December 2020 but surely you can enroll our online modules.
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First thought comes Numerology or Astrology? No-doubt Astrology is an excellent science, but to me it never calibrated with my mind because it appears to be little complicated and demands lot of time (may be years). In comparison to astrology, Numerology is quite simple, more logical, easy to learn, easy to apply and requires less time to learn. The end point is PREDICTION part which is same, and easier.

With Numerology we can identify the strengths & weaknesses of the person. The idea is to explore the strengths, plug the weaknesses and unleash the blissful journey of life.


Anybody can learn “NUMEROLOGY SCIENCE” irrespective of their age, gender, cast, creed and religion. You may be a service person or a businessman, the only thing required is hunger to learn and explore the best in yourself.


  1. Become a Professional Numerologist and make it as a career.
  2. High in demand in India and abroad.
  3. Be a part of one of the most Respected profession
  4. open a new earning zone
  5. Get financial freedom
  6. Earn great Money, Name & Fame
  7. Transform your life and others


  1. What is Numerology
  2. Role of Numbers in our life
  3. Driver Number
  4. Conductor Number
  5. KUA Number
  6. 8 Type of Yoga in Numeroscope
  7. How to Prepare Numeroscope
  8. Compatibility of Numbers ( Most Imp)
  9. Driver- Conductor Relationship ( 81 Combos. Most Imp)
  10. Characteristics of Numbers (1 to 9)
  11. Question & Answers Session.