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Numerology Professional Success Course

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If you have completed your Numerology Foundation course, this is the next step.
By now you must be aware of loshu grid, the 8 yogas, characteristics of numbers and the 81 Driver - Conductor combinations and their effects. This set your base strong and needless to say if the base is strong, this course will take you to the next level.
I have carefully crafted this course so that you can master the craft of Numerology by not mugging and cramming but through scientific logic and examples at each step. After this course, you can take Numerology as a career to help yourself and others and also earn money respectfully.

You will learn Future Trend (predictions), the impact of missing numbers, repetition of numbers, master numbers, Remedies and master stoke - NAME SPELLING CORRECTION and much more.

Go step by step and carefully study each lecture and don't forget to practice what I teach you. Thousands of students have learned this science in the past 20 years and transformed their lives. Are you next?


Topic 1 - Impact of Repetitive Numbers Part 1

Topic 2 - Impact of Repetitive Numbers Part 2

Topic 3 - Impact of Missing Numbers

Topic 4 - Complementary Numbers

Topic 5 - Remedies for Missing numbers Part 1

 Topic 6 - Remedies for Missing numbers Part 2

 Topic 7 - Master Destiny Numbers

 Topic 8 - Future Trends Part 1

 Topic 9 - Future Trends Part 2

Topic 10 - How to calculate Personal month and day

Topic 11 - Friendly and Non-Friendly Colours

Topic 12 - Name Spelling Correction (Master Stroke)

Topic 13 - Name Spelling Correction_Company/Products

Topic 14 - Name Spelling Correction_Implementation

Topic 15 - Remedies for Missing Numbers Part 3

Topic 16 - Karmic Numbers

Topic 17 - Marriage/Partnership Compatibility
Bonus courses included with the purchase of this course are mentioned below. You get all of them for FREE
Bonus course 1: Choosing the Right Profession (Price – 4,999 INR)
Bonus course 2: Prediction without Date of Birth (Price – 9,999 INR)
Bonus course 3: Top 5 D-C Combinations (Price – 4,999 INR)
Bonus course 4: Love/Arrange Marriage (Price – 4,999 INR)
Bonus course 5: Big and Small Arrows (Price – 3,999 INR)
Bonus course 6: Choosing the Right Signature (Price – 3,999 INR)
Bonus course 7: Visiting/Business Card Design (Price – 3,999 INR)
Bonus course 8: Foreign/Abroad settlement (Price – 4,999 INR)
Bonus course 9: Inner Circle Treasure (Price – 14,999 INR)
Total Price of all the bonus courses offered with Numerology Professional Success Course – 56,991 INR

NOTE: All our courses are hosted on a platform known as Teachable. As soon as you purchase the course, you will receive a set of e-mails in your mailbox. So, please make sure that you provide the correct email while making the payment as it cannot be changed later.

Please follow the simple steps listed in the mail to access the course.
1.     How long do I have access to the course?

Answer: After enrolling, you can access the course for one year. It's a subscription based model, after one year you can renew the subscription @ Rs 5000 for one year. We keep on updating our courses from time to time .

2.     In how much time should I ideally complete this course?

Answer: The benefit of this course is that you can complete it at your own pace and at times convenient to you but based on our experience, we recommend you finish this course in 10 to 20 days max with the practice of what is being taught to you.

3.     What is the best way to do this course?

Answer: Practice, practice and practice! Whatever you learn in each chapter, just take your friend's and family's date of birth and start assessing. As simple as that.

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