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Budh Pyra Yantra

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  • To uplift Mercury, Venus & Missing Number
  • To Strengthen Career, Marriage
  • Gives Stability in life
Price: 6000 / Piece + 18% GST

It is a common notion among the people that an astrologer or a Numerologists always recommends very expansive remedies in the form of gemstones. we agree that gemstones are effective but a quality gemstone is beyond the reach of a common man’s pocket. If you wear a poor quality gemstone it may not be an effective as desired.

We strongly believe the remedies should be non expansive or affordable for every kind of person. Trust us we can achieve even better results with simple remedies too

Apart from simple remedies we strongly recommend the following yantras which are quite affordable compared to expansive gemstones.


  • Time tested by our saints/shastras
  • Easily gel with the aura of the person
  • Help to remove the weaknesses in the Numeroscope
  • Improve the thought process
  • Improve the energy & vitality

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