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1. Mega Event in Bengaluru - Seminar on Numerology on 1 May 2022 2. Congratulations, We have opened the support forum on 15th June 2020 for our esteemed students. It's live now 24×7. Please join and exchange your knowledge now.

Numerology Professional Success Program from 16-19 December, 2021 in New Delhi at Shangri-La, Eros, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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  • Event Type: Seminar


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  1. Become a Professional Numerologist and help people
  2. Master Numerology Principles
  3. Attain Financial Freedom or earn a part-time income
  4. Transform the life of self & others
  5. Revolutionise their life


Day 1: December 16, Thursday

⚡️ Numerology & Role of Numbers in Life
⚡️ Driver, Conductor & Kua number
⚡️ 8 types of Yogas in Numeroscope
⚡️ How to prepare Numeroscope
⚡️ Compatibility of Numbers (Most Important)
⚡️ Driver Conductor Relationship (81 combs)
⚡️ Characteristics of numbers 1-9

Day 2: December 17, Friday

⚡️ Impact of Repetitive numbers
⚡️ Impact of Missing numbers
⚡️ Filling Missing numbers (Remedies Part-1)
⚡️ Role of Conductor & Master Conductor number
⚡️ Future Trend (Extremely Important)
⚡️ Personal Year, Month & Day Trend
⚡️ Role of Colors in Numerology

Day 3: December 18, Saturday

⚡️ Role of Name spelling in Life (Master Stroke)
⚡️ How to correct Name spelling & where to use
⚡️ How to detect Profession from Date of Birth
⚡️ Uplift Date of Birth (Remedies Part-2)
⚡️ Numeroscope Compatibility of 2 or more people
⚡️ Prediction without Date of Birth
⚡️ Big & Small Arrows plus Karmic numbers
⚡️ Love & Arrange Marriage, Relationships
⚡️ Role of Colors in Numerology

Day 4: December 19, Sunday

⚡️ SUPER SPECIAL DAY - 1st Time ever, never done before in Delhi
⚡️ Mature Mindset for Success - Master stroke
⚡️ 5-step analysis to reading a Numeroscope professionally
⚡️ How to deliver a Numerology Consultation - doesn't matter if you are a starter or expert already
⚡️ Case Studies discussion - Easiest & Toughest
⚡️ Live Demo of delivering Numerology consultation
⚡️ 90 mins of exciting Q&A session
⚡️ Personalized Certificate at the end of the course
⚡️ HIGH TEA & Dance with Arviend Sud

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