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1. Maha Event on Numerology in New Delhi on 26 November 2023 2. Congratulations, We have opened the support forum on 15th June 2020 for our esteemed students. It's live now 24×7. Please join and exchange your knowledge now.

Numerology Professional Success Program from 16-19 December, 2021 in New Delhi at Shangri-La, Eros, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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  1. Become a Professional Numerologist and help people
  2. Master Numerology Principles
  3. Attain Financial Freedom or earn a part-time income
  4. Transform the life of self & others
  5. Revolutionise their life


Day 1: December 16, Thursday

⚡️ Numerology & Role of Numbers in Life
⚡️ Driver, Conductor & Kua number
⚡️ 8 types of Yogas in Numeroscope
⚡️ How to prepare Numeroscope
⚡️ Compatibility of Numbers (Most Important)
⚡️ Driver Conductor Relationship (81 combs)
⚡️ Characteristics of numbers 1-9

Day 2: December 17, Friday

⚡️ Impact of Repetitive numbers
⚡️ Impact of Missing numbers
⚡️ Filling Missing numbers (Remedies Part-1)
⚡️ Role of Conductor & Master Conductor number
⚡️ Future Trend (Extremely Important)
⚡️ Personal Year, Month & Day Trend
⚡️ Role of Colors in Numerology

Day 3: December 18, Saturday

⚡️ Role of Name spelling in Life (Master Stroke)
⚡️ How to correct Name spelling & where to use
⚡️ How to detect Profession from Date of Birth
⚡️ Uplift Date of Birth (Remedies Part-2)
⚡️ Numeroscope Compatibility of 2 or more people
⚡️ Prediction without Date of Birth
⚡️ Big & Small Arrows plus Karmic numbers
⚡️ Love & Arrange Marriage, Relationships
⚡️ Role of Colors in Numerology

Day 4: December 19, Sunday

⚡️ SUPER SPECIAL DAY - 1st Time ever, never done before in Delhi
⚡️ Mature Mindset for Success - Master stroke
⚡️ 5-step analysis to reading a Numeroscope professionally
⚡️ How to deliver a Numerology Consultation - doesn't matter if you are a starter or expert already
⚡️ Case Studies discussion - Easiest & Toughest
⚡️ Live Demo of delivering Numerology consultation
⚡️ 90 mins of exciting Q&A session
⚡️ Personalized Certificate at the end of the course
⚡️ HIGH TEA & Dance with Arviend Sud

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