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Vastu Foundation Course

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This course is for people who want to dive deep into the science of Vastu and understand it's basic principles. This is the first step of the ladder to becoming a Professional Vastu Expert. The students who are certified in this course can further pursue the Professional Level.
In this course, you will learn:-
1. Welcome to Arviend Sud family
2. Best way to do this course
3. What is Vastu & it's role in modern life
4. Connection between 5 elements & 8 directions, their Lords & Planets
5. Gender & Body parts association with Directions
6. Hidden Treasure & Attributes of Directions
7. Sequence Order & Energy flow science of directions
8. Role of Compass in Vastu
9. Open area & Entrance door in Plot/Flat
10. Role of Colors in Vastu
11. Vastu for Day to Day Utilities part 1
12. Vastu for Day to Day Utilities part 2
Bonus Lectures
1. Myths in Vastu
2. VASTU - Fastest Fingers First
3. VASTU - Location of Puja Ghar
4. VASTU - Top Feng Shui Gadgets
5. VASTU Master Stroke - Lucky Directions according to your Date of Birth

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